Fuzzier Product Photography at Spice Village


Today was my day off from my full time gig at my job in Waco. With all of the free time I had, I ended up putting my Lowes Home Improvement store light box together. This consisted of:

  1. ​A large plastic container
  2. Two clamp lights
  3. ​Two natural daylight light bulbs
  4. ​A white poster board
Okay, so if you’re going to be legalistic about it, I did have to borrow some packing tape to attach the poster board to the plastic container…and I may or may not have also borrowed an extension cord for the lights.
​After a day of shooting, this is what my list should have looked like this morning:
  1. ​A larger plastic container
  2. ​Four clamp lights
  3. ​Four natural daylight light bulbs
  4. ​Two – three white poster boards.
  5. ​Packing tap
  6. ​Extension cord
  7. ​Tripod (I’ve been meaning to purchase one but that hasn’t happened yet. It should have happened before the shoot happened today. Although, I wouldn’t say it would have been necessary to create a more successful photo day).
I was only able to shoot one way in the container because I only purchased one white poster board this morning. Some of the products would have been easier to photograph if I would have been able to turn the large plastic container vertically instead of horizontally.

​So far, my Moment wide angle lens has been amazing. I think I am going to invest in the macro lens to take pictures with more detail at a closer length. I know the color wasn’t perfect on these pictures. Overall, I am happy with the quality that I achieved today and I think that my results will only improve from here on out.


​All of the products photographed are located in Spice Village in Waco, TX. The specific areas within Spice Village that these products can be located in are: Vintage Hippie, Hinge, and Bee Angels.

Until next time,

D and C


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