Taking pretty pictures isn’t enough


I am in the middle…or maybe at the beginning of learning what works for product photography and what doesn’t. Pretty pictures don’t mean anything if people don’t want to or don’t look at them.

I’m not sure what to do in order to increase the number of people that look at product posts. Yes, I am reading and studying on how to do this organically. Here are things that I don’t want to get sucked up in:

  1. Following accounts that I am not interested in just to gain viewership for my clients
  2. Liking pictures that I am not interested in just to gain viewership for my clients
  3. Writing about things that I’m not interested in just to gain viewership for my clients

Oh, and let’s just clear one thing up right now: I do not have any real clients at this point in time. I’m taking pictures and posting pictures for free on my own time and dime to hopefully create something that interests a base of viewership who would be meaningful for potential future clients.


Ideally, I would like to create moments of opportunity for my clients to grow their business, hone the thesis of their business, and help potential customers see the beauty and value in what my clients are producing.


My goals for next week are to get my videos up and running. At first I am going to be shooting for one video every one-two weeks. I hope the frequency of videography increases as my ability to gain and edit meaningful content improves.


As I have been roaming Instagram and Facebook, the most dynamic accounts that I have really delved into and gone back to time after time have a story and a dynamic character that I connect with. What does that mean for businesses trying to increase their presence online? I’m not exactly sure yet because I am still working my way into the field. My instincts tell me that the products are not the only meaningful thing that I need to focus on. The products in the context of your story is what engages viewership.


Again, I’m not exactly sure how to go about increasing social media viewership for businesses. And honestly, I’m not just looking for a number but for subscribers of my content who want to and keep coming back for me. I guess most business are looking for that type of participation.  If not just to track the trial and error of my efforts, I hope this blog will help people not make the same mistakes I will and already have throughout this process.

IMG_4319I think I posted on my business Instagram too much the first night that I created it. I am, currently, unable to tag businesses in my pictures. I really don’t like tagging businesses in the comment section but that is what I am having to do currently (along with geotagging the photo…which I still would have done even if I could tag businesses in the photographs). Any recommendations for me?

Until next time,

D and C

Just as a side note: since I am only able to get product photography one day during the week, I need to learn how to take better pictures faster to collect more content to last throughout the week. I have almost exhausted my content in the first couple of days of posting. I know better for next time but I am going to have to spend some time gathering more photos to get me through until next Tuesday.



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