Upload. Take Down. Upload. Take Down.

I have uploaded and taken down so many posts in the last day and a half. Part of it was uncertainty and part of it was me not understanding that Instagram doesn’t support animated gifs. Crisis averted: I have since rendered my animated gif to an mp4 and will hopefully achieve my intended results shortly.

My learning curve has been somewhat steep. After being temporarily banned from tagging businesses in my posts to not realizing the capacity for certain social media outlets, I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

As I am sitting here rendering my video, I am excited for not making this same mistake in the future and being able to achieve the results I want faster in the future.

I am a little too tired to write so I will be back at it uploading and taking down and reuploading posts tomorrow. If you’re interested to check out my Instagram, here is my business name: @momentanalytics. My personal account is: @thefuzziestlife.

Until next time,

D and C



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