Unfollow Me

I’m kind of kidding.

But not really.

When I first starting this journey into creating content to grow a sphere of influence online, I talked about organic interaction from people within your sphere. After starting to practice with my personal account, @thefuzziestlife, on Instagram, I have seen an ebb and flow of follows and unfollowers. Ouch.

You know, gaining twenty five followers in a couple of days felt great. But on this journey of self awareness and really taking a look at my content I wanted to have more data. I ended up downloading a program that analyzes posts and presents information around that post.

And guess what happened? People followed…and they unfollowed. And I was able to see that information and why that was happening.

Failing is giving me every opportunity to learn. Learn and grow and change and produce MORE content. I have every opportunity to succeed and fail and I don’t count those failures as the lesser of teachable moments. I count failures as one of my top experiences for my personal and professional growth.

I’m showing up, even if it’s just me on the field with my dog.

I’ll see y’all out there!




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