Connecting with the Interweb


Hello. That’s Caspian. He’s a FURanha and lesser known as an Alaskan Klee Kai. Yes. That thought skipping through your mind of, “hey, he kind of looks like a small Husky,” wouldn’t be far off the mark and not to dull any intellectual property blades splitting hairs: yes. Small Husky. Some of AKK owners out there MAY have a fit, but that’s okay. I know he’s an AKK and so do other AKK owners…and now you do too.

He may not look it but he’s sixteen pounds of mostly fur and licks. He can eat his weight in dog food, table scraps and has a seemingly never-ending supply of energy best used to wear out new puppies and annoy really old hound dogs.

I’ve recently started interacting with the AKK community more on Instagram. As you will read below, I have compiled a small list of what my “goals” are for this account and other business accounts I will manage:

  1. Take time to connect with people who have shared interests.
  2. Do not like pictures or follow accounts just to get followers.
  3. Produce and provide dynamic content in my fields of focus.

Glad to have you along for the ride! I’ll be posting appropriate text and limited photo content here on this WordPress account. All of my content on all of my platforms will be produced with budget friendly equipment that will not sacrifice quality of content.

My husband is currently in law school here in Texas and we have a limited budget for “extras.” That may change in the future and that may not. At this time, my photos will be shot on my iPhone 6s plus with different lenses from Moment. Currently, I have only purchased the wide angle lens photo kit on Amazon (at the time in late April 2017 it was only $99.99 even for a wide angle lens, lens cap, and Bluetooth case that works with the lens).

Until next time,

-D and C

Instagram: @theFuzziestLife