Post Bad Stuff (Check out my video on YouTube!)

Post bad stuff. Risk letting other people see where you’re at in your understanding of your field and where you are currently at in your ability to execute an idea.

Sometimes your posts, articles, videos, etc. will suck. That’s the part of changing your talent “set point” in being able to grow. If you keep taking down your “bad” posts you’ll never be able to move past what you think is good into being able to produce great content.

As I have been posting over the last several weeks, I see things that I could have changed about posts. No, I’m not talking about captions. Those I always edit and update. Pictures and videos are a whole different animal. I have been doing my best to leave them be. Sometimes I am successful, others not.

Learn, improve, accept criticism, AND RISK.

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Until next time,

D and C